sabato 31 gennaio 2009

Plaing with Chicken scratch

I am playing with Chicken scratch that is the stitch for this month on Sharon B's Challenge. I used a pattern she suggested and as it is a square I thought to do my first Biscornu!
I will put a photo of the finished project when ready.

giovedì 29 gennaio 2009

Anything Goes 5 DYB

I signed up for some RR in the CQI Group and one is for this ATG 5 DYB where six blocks 6"x6" are sent together in the round with the opportunity to choose where to stitch the magic!
I was in trouble with the theme but finally I decided for a very popular that is "under the sea" with curved piecing method.

mercoledì 28 gennaio 2009

Christmas in January....

Yesterday was Christmas again because Susan's Christmas Cracker for me arrived after a long trip!
She sent it on November to be here for Christmas but it returned back to her in January and finally arrived here to me safe and sound.
This is what she is wonderful she chose a pansy theme and this is one of my favorite because in spring my garden is covered from different kind of pansy that pop up in different color and period (but I never put them in my garden they are carried by the wind).
As I am attracted from the block I am thinking...make a second block with the extra fabrics she sent and stitch them now and do something for me?! I hate when my mind go on more then my hands!
In any case thank you so much Susan!

martedì 27 gennaio 2009

what I bought...

I would like to share this lovely purse I bought days ago from Pat Winter for myself I wanted some from her because she is closing her Etsy for a new its arrival there was a gift enclosed she sent beautiful silk ribbons, trims and silkies that I love and so I should like to thank her for that because she has a very rich and special heart thank you so much Pat!

domenica 25 gennaio 2009

In the same day....

In the same day a packet arrived from Cathy...I won the Dicember Challenge at CQI the theme was metallics it is a good challenge where each month we have different theme to play with and learn something new. Thank you so much all is perfect at my eyes and that cup of telling me...tea time theme for a next cq!

sabato 24 gennaio 2009

In the mail this past week....

My Magic Moments DYB from CQI Group are home!
This was my first DYB and each Lady chose a different theme mine was a crazy baby quilt for Siria....

Thank you Lauri, Lyn, Ati, Cobi and Leslie(2) for this beauty!

mercoledì 14 gennaio 2009

Final result of my pansy block

This is the final result of my Pansy block made about one year ago for the CQNewbie group.
The Ladies who stitched on it are: Kathy B, Carol C, Jane H, Kate D, Peg S, Anna S, Judith Anne M and Vivian E I thank everyone for the beautiful stitching on it I am in love with it and maybe it will be a purse for Spring time!

martedì 6 gennaio 2009

The weather today...

This is our weather here....the snow started to falls during the night and it is still falling!!!

giovedì 1 gennaio 2009

Happy New Year

I wish everyone a beautiful New Year....