mercoledì 31 dicembre 2008

Christmas morning

Valentina is still sleeping...

Siria with her first Doll...

Discovering toys....

Our tree with all the toys from Santa!

domenica 28 dicembre 2008

Christmas Crackers TADA!!!!

This is my Christmas Cracker from Vera-Ellen she put inside a very good choice of fabrics, organza/thread and embellishments that I love! Thank you so much!

martedì 23 dicembre 2008

Merry Christmas

Have a very special Christmas full of joy and happiness! Merry Christmas!

lunedì 15 dicembre 2008

Lauri's Magic Moments DYB last block

This is the last block for Lauri and her underwater theme DYB. Hope she likes both blocks!

martedì 9 dicembre 2008

....The gold...

Here is the gold stocking ready!

lunedì 8 dicembre 2008

Giveaway of the week

Here is the new thank you fabric postcard for this week...leave a comment on this post and Sunday you will know the winner!

domenica 7 dicembre 2008

Giveaway Winner...

Valentina is helping me to pick a name for me and the winner is....CANDI!!!!
So e-mail me your address at

lunedì 1 dicembre 2008

December giveaway

I should like to thank people that follow this blog during December so here is the first fabric postcard for this week. Leave a comment on this post till saturday I will tell you the lucky name on sunday!

venerdì 28 novembre 2008

This morning

Roses from my garden (the two last roses). I cut them yesterday....

And this the back yard of my house this morning!

mercoledì 26 novembre 2008

Lauri's Magic Moments DYB

Sharon's work on Lauri's Magic Moments DYB

Ati's work.

Cobi's work.

Lyn's work.

My work on the first block and now I am working on the second and last block of her DYB.
So I will be back soon...

mercoledì 19 novembre 2008

When you are in love with a fabric

What you do when you are in love with a fabric? I have to say that I should like to put it everywhere in the house! I discovered it in a shop in Milan but I need to go again to buy more fabric....
I will let you know what I am doing with it!

venerdì 14 novembre 2008

Christmas Crackers

Here are two Christmas Crackers I made for two different friends in the CQI Group. I had a lot of fun with them and I am excited for this exchange!

giovedì 13 novembre 2008

Ho questa pianta da diversi anni, ma solo negli ultimi due anni sono riuscita a vedere il suo fiore! Quest'anno ce ne sono ben due!

I have this plant since many years now but only in the last two years I could see its flower!
This year there are two of them!

domenica 2 novembre 2008

Waiting for Christmas

This is what I am doing during this period! I used all red fabrics and only gold metallic thread and only gold beads.
There is another one I am working on and it is all gold...

sabato 18 ottobre 2008

Spring in autumn...part 2

I changed the "yellow" blocks direction of this project and now I like it...I am only in doubt about the yellow fabric...
The quilt is for my rectangular table and the yellow angles will fall from the table so my ideas are two now...leave them as they are or add a vine appliqué...

mercoledì 15 ottobre 2008

some ideas

The fabrics are from Intercourse PA so they are tipical Amish colors. I thought to use them in a cq season project as follow green for spring, blue for summer, brown for autumn and purple for winter. This is only an idea...I must study how to do the blocks now...

lunedì 6 ottobre 2008

Spring in autumn...

Many days ago I put together the Spring project...not exactly as the original. I wanted to keep off two little blocks and sew the coordinated yellow fabric...but what happened?
I don't like it! What to do now? Turn the "yellow blocks" leaving the fabric outside? Or some appliqué flowers? Or....

mercoledì 1 ottobre 2008

new template

As I love autumn season with all the beautiful colors that nature offers I chose a fall template...what do you think about?

giovedì 18 settembre 2008

Welcome update

As I haven't stitched during summer I start again at my back with my "welcome".

giovedì 11 settembre 2008

Girls during summer

The girls during this summer in France and Spain...with the camper. The tour was Milano, Nice, Narbonne, Barcelona, Peniscola, Huesca, Santillana del Mar, Biarritz, Lourdes, Narbonne, Nice, Milano about 3500Km made from ME!

lunedì 8 settembre 2008

My first cd pinkeeper

I made my first cd pinkeeper as a gift for a friend I loved stitch on it!

giovedì 4 settembre 2008

More photos

More of Santillana del Mar...

martedì 2 settembre 2008

some photos from our summer vacation

This is in Spain and it it the beautiful view of the lake from the camping.

Here is Santillana del Mar we have been there for the second time and it is always special...