giovedì 11 settembre 2008

Girls during summer

The girls during this summer in France and Spain...with the camper. The tour was Milano, Nice, Narbonne, Barcelona, Peniscola, Huesca, Santillana del Mar, Biarritz, Lourdes, Narbonne, Nice, Milano about 3500Km made from ME!

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Pat Winter ha detto...

Hi Simona, Yes, I will be putting things in etsy after Oct 12. I have a booth at a quilt show the 11th and 12th, and after that, I put it in etsy. If there is something you like, you can buy it directly from me with PayPal. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Pat Winter ha detto...

You have two beauties! Sounds like a wonderful trip.
Love your blog header.

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 ha detto...

What a lovely group of pictures of your beautiful girls! It looks like it was a great summer!

Rengin Yazitas ha detto...

Thanks so much sharing all those photos of your beautiful daughters.
Wow, your long tour sounds great.
Much Love,