lunedì 1 dicembre 2008

December giveaway

I should like to thank people that follow this blog during December so here is the first fabric postcard for this week. Leave a comment on this post till saturday I will tell you the lucky name on sunday!

7 commenti:

quiltlion ha detto...

WOW! Simona Love your cute postcard!

Lyn G

Gail ha detto...

How fun and sweet of you to do this Simona. I wanted to tell you again how much I like you Christmas stocking.

Candi ha detto...

Your postcard is just lovely! What nice work you do.

Sharon ha detto...

Simona very pretty postcard. What a nice way to say "thank you" but it should be us who says thank you to yu for sharng your lovely work. So "thank you"

Sandy Mickson ha detto...

Very pretty post card, Simona

Wendy ha detto...

What a pretty post card! Wendy F

Rengin Yazitas ha detto...

Ciao Simona,
I loved your lovely postcard. It is so cute.