martedì 28 agosto 2007

DeAnn needlecase

Durante la mia vacanza ho potuto ricamare la parte esterna del needlecase di DeAnn per il prossimo e anche ultimo scambio di Novembre. Devo dire che mi sono divertita un mondo fare scambi durante questo anno e mi dispiace non poterlo fare anche l'anno prossimo!

During my vacation I could stitch on the outside of the DeAnn's needlecase for the next echange in November. I must say that I loved this challenge during this year and I am sad because I know that is coming the end and there isn't a challenge in the next year!

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Jo in NZ ha detto...

Simona, your work on the needlecase, and Amy's block is lovely.
I *think* Amy's block has arrived, but as you send it registered mail, I need to be home for the courier to drop it off. I will get it in a couple of days.