giovedì 24 gennaio 2008

TIF final result

Oggi ho finito il mio blocco per il challenge di Gennaio.

Today I finished my block for the January challenge.

5 commenti:

Jocelyn in NZ ha detto...

Exquisite! Really, this block is just gorgeous. Your stitching is beautiful, and I love the curved seams. I have saved a picture of it in my file for future inspirations. And thank you for the tutorial on doing curved seams.

Doreen G ha detto...

I love your work and the curved piecing is so beautiful.

JANE ha detto...

Thanks for sharing your TIF block. I love it.... thanks for sharing!... Jane
PS Can't wait to see what you do next month!

Lee ha detto...

really nice work - very beautiful!

Kim ha detto...

Lovely work.